Definium Technologies is a full-service solutions provider which designs and manufactures intelligent sensors and control systems for a wide range of applications. Definium is primarily interested in servicing the Internet of Things market and produces an array of long-range radio client and gateway products utilising Semtech’s LoRa technology.

In addition to building its own devices, Definium also provides contract services to third-party companies to design and/or manufacture electronic devices. Available services include complete ground-up design of electronics, in-line surface-mount assembly and vapour-phase vacuum reflow, manual assembly and through-hole soldering, x-ray inspection and analysis of devices, and firmware installation and device testing.

Projects Definium has successfully completed in recent years include an automotive fuel control system, agricultural pump and pivot irrigator control and monitoring, humane animal tracking, a balance-oriented medical rehabilitation system, a theme park ride, and remote river water quality monitoring, amongst many others.

In 2013 Definium was awarded an AusIndustry Clean Technology grant to design and construct an energy monitoring and control system aimed at assisting businesses to reduce their facilities’ greenhouse gas footprint. In 2015 Definium was awarded a grant by Sense-T to build an Irrigation Gateway aimed at monitoring the power and water usage of the agricultural industry in Tasmania. In early 2016 Definium entered into a partnership with the University of Tasmania to create an advanced sensor manufacturing facility in Launceston; construction was completed in late 2016 and resulted in a significant expansion of Definium’s client base and capabilities.

Definium has deployed trials of its LoRa-based sensor technology on farms and within the city of Launceston as it looks forward towards becoming a key player in the Internet of Things. Definium is in the process of developing LoRa-based sensors for international clients and is constantly working to improve the functionality and ease-of-use of its product range.

Definium began in 2009 with a single employee, Director Mike Cruse, and has since expanded to employ 7 full/part-time/casual workers. Based in Launceston Tasmania, Definium has attracted significant attention from both local and international companies and aims to expand rapidly over the coming years to service the multitude of opportunities available to it.