Below you will find a fairly dense overview of our manufacturing capabilities. The information should be up-to-date, but if anything you find yourself needing more information, or wish to contract us to manufacture your product, please feel free to contact us.

Printed Circuit Boards

We can procure PCBs from our supplier network if desired.

PCB Procurement

Feature Available Estimated Time
1-X Layers Yes 2–14 days *
Flexible Strip Yes 2–14 days *

Stencil Procurement

We are able to procure stencils for new or existing boards.

Solder Screen Printing

We can print leaded or lead-free solder to a high standard of accuracy. Printing operations are a significantly simpler process if matching fiducials are available on the stencil and board. If we procure the PCBs we will also procure the relevant stencils.

Automated In-Line Printing (Autotronik AP430L)

Capability Details
Size (min) 50 x 50 mm
Size (max) 450 x 300 mm
Thickness 0.4 - 5 mm
Stencil (min) 520 x 300 mm
Stencil (max) 736 x 736 mm
Repeatability 0.008 mm
Details Autotronik AP430L


We can work with whichever solder paste you require; for our own boards we use SynTECH-LF (95.% Sn, 3% Ag, 0.5% Cu) and SynTECH-N (62% Sn, 36% Pb, 2% Ag).

Surface-Mount Component Placement

SMD placement is performed automatically by an in-line Jukee X or, when larger components are in-use, an Autotronik X. Manual placement of components which do not fit within the below parameters is available.


Our Juki KE-3020VAL runs in-line with our automated stencil printer and can handle low, medium, and high volume production. The placement monitoring system captures images before, during, and after placement to allow fine-tuning of placement without guess-work. The 21-tray matrix changer allows for a large number of different ICs to be placed per-board.

Capability Limit
Accuracy +- 0.005 mm
Component Size (min) 1.0 x 0.5 mm (0402 imperial, 1005 metric)
Component Size (max) ~48 mm (or 24 x 72 mm)
PCB Size (min) 330 x 250 mm
PCB Size (max) 800 x 360 mm (re-homing)
Height (max) 20 mm
Chips Per Hour 20,900
ICs Per Hour 9,470
Nozzles 7 (6 chip, 1 IC)
Feeders (8mm) 50 (dual lane, 100 reels)
Feeders (12mm) -
Feeders (16mm) -
Feeders (24mm) -
Feeders (32mm) -
Feeders (48mm) -
Feeders (Tube) 2+
Feeders (Tray) 21
Feeders (Cut-Tape) -
Details Juki KE-3020VAL


Capability Limit
Accuracy +- 0.04 mm
Component Size (min) 0.4 x 0.2 mm (0201 [0603 metric])
Component Size (max) 150 x 100 mm
Height (max) 5 mm
Chips Per Hour 6,400
Feeders (8mm) 56
Feeders (12mm) 11
Feeders (16mm) 8
Feeders (24mm) 1
Feeders (32mm) 1
Feeders (48mm) 1
Feeders (Tube) 2
Feeders (Tray) 1
Feeders (Cut-Tape) 12
Details Autotronik BA385V2


Unusual or difficult surface-mount components can be placed manually prior to reflow, where suitable. For more information, contact us.


We offer vacuum vapor phase (ASSCON VP800 Vacuum), vapor phase (ASSCON VP450 or VP800 without vacuum hood), or infrared hot air reflow (Puhui T-960E) options. We recommend vacuum vapor phase where board dimensions allow, as it reduces solder connection voiding to below 1%.

Capability Maximum Size Limit (mm)
Vacuum Vapor-Phase 480 x 295 mm
Vapor-Phase 610 x 460 mm
Infrared Hot-Air 300 x 300 mm

Through-Hole & Manual Soldering

Manual post-reflow soldering is performed to IPC-601A standards by fully trained professionals. Hot-air rework is available for correcting defective products.

X-Ray Inspection

Post-reflow inspection is carried out on a SEC X-eye 5100F, allowing quick and easy identification of any potential issues with BGA connections. Any errors are corrected for future boards and repaired using our hot-air rework station on any defective boards.


We can accommodate your custom acceptance testing requirements; for more information, contact us.

Production Firmware Installation

We can perform firmware installation; for more information, contact us.