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We design technological solutions for your real-world problems in record time.


Off-the-shelf Products

Definium has designed dozens of IoT devices optimised for deployment at scale and supporting a wide array of IoT communications options, including LoRaWAN (gateways and nodes), LTE Cat M1 (eMTC), LTE Cat NB1 (NB-IoT), Ethernet, and low earth orbit satellite (Myriota, Iridium).

Solving real-world problems  with technological solutions

From supporting mining accommodation management in outback Australia, through to creating fuel injection systems for taxis in Las Vegas; we’re committed to using the right technology to solve your problems in a timely manner. Check out our off-the-shelf offerings or ask us about our custom solution options.

Electronics Product Design

We develop new products at a rapid pace, leveraging our in-house assembly capabilities to reduce time-to-market. When off-the-shelf solutions just don’t quite meet your requirements, consider having us build a device to suit; whether it’s a modification of an existing design or something totally new, we can accommodate it.

  • Rapid Prototyping
  •  Electronics Design
  • In-house SMT Assembly
  • Mix-and-Match Existing Features
  • Modify Existing Products
  • Volume Manufacturing
  • Field-tested IoT Platform
  •  Optimised for Scale

Contract Manufacturing

We can assemble your electronics design in our advanced manufacturing facility to the same high level of quality as our own designs. Our facility features dual state-of-the-art pick and place machines with 0201 capability and placement monitoring, vacuum vapour-phase reflow, x-ray inspection, selective soldering, automated optical inspection, and final assembly & testing.

Tasmanian LoRaWAN® Network

We own and operate a Tasmanian-made state-wide LoRaWAN network, built using Definium hardware and hosted on local infrastructure. Definium’s network deployment model leverages existing infrastructure and serves as a model for network deployment in both metropolitan and rural communities.

Thinking of deploying an IoT network? Let us help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Asset Management

Keep track of the position and health of your assets, be notified of a fault trips in a remote facility, and monitor infrastructure at scale.

Industrial IoT

We’ve developed devices to make large-scale infrastructure management more efficient, whether industrial, urban, or rural.

Education Outreach

We are committed to helping educate the next generation of engineers, finding them a home here in Launceston, Tasmania with a wide array of opportunities.


ICT International, our partner in environmental sensing, has decades of experience and is ready to help you capture all of the data you need—without mistakes.

Environmental Monitoring Range

  • Uses Definium’s IoT Nodes for Power and Communications
  • Multi-parameter Weather Stations
  • Rainfall (Tipping Bucket and Weighing Precipitation Gauge)
  • Solar Radiation, Sunshine Duration, UV, LUX and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  • Soil Moisture, Temperature, Water Potential, Oxygen and Drainage
  • Dendrometry, Canopy Temperature, NDVI/PRI and Light Inception
  • Frost and Leaf Wetness
  • Water Quality, Flow and Depth
  • Heat Flux and Surface Temperature (Infrared Radiometry)

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