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Tasmania-wide Enterprise-Grade LoRaWAN® Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has arrived in Tasmania and coverage is expanding state-wide. Expand coverage in your area using Tasmanian-made LoRaWAN gateways.

Discover the Internet of Things Benefits!

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the possibilities of monitoring and control which were previously impractical to achieve.

Near-real-time Monitoring

Receive notifications within seconds when an alarm fires, track down your pet if roams too far, map your vehicle’s movement, detect falls by the elderly, monitor infrastructure availability, and more.

Remote Control

Whether battery or permanently powered, LoRaWAN devices can be remotely controlled to turn on or off lights, heaters, garden sprinklers, pumps, pivot irrigators, open/close garage doors, and more.


Track the position of your LoRaWAN devices as they move through the state, using LoRa signal-based geolocation—no GPS required! Geolocation uses the time of radio message arrival to multiple gateways to pinpoint their location (coming soon).

No-limits Coverage

Definium Networks understands that people live in challenging locations and coverage by traditional networks is issue. That’s why we’re offering the opportunity for businesses, councils, and other permanent infrastructure owners to work with us to expand network coverage for everyone.

Don’t be limited by networks that aren’t interested in providing coverage everywhere—we’ve got your back.


Tasmanian Made

Definium has been building LoRa gateways and devices (nodes) for years, with combined extensive experience in the automation space for decades prior. We’ve designed and built our own LoRaWAN gateway with Semtech Corporation’s LoRa radio integrated at its core.

We’ve gained a lot of experience deploying LoRaWAN networks around Australia and are happy to engage with new customers to deploy their own networks.


Access for everyone.

Definium has engaged Enterprize to help provide community access to the network.

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