Contract Manufacturing

Turn-key advanced electronics assembly and testing.

Definium’s advanced manufacturing facility features a suite of electronics assembly capabilities to suit any job. For complicated prototypes or untested designs, clients are welcome to visit the lab and verify the first boards off the line to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.


We can procure printed circuit boards, stencils, and electronics components from our supplier network, if needed.

Surface-Mount Assembly

Our SMT production line can place up to 60,000 components per hour and features dual vapour-phase reflow ovens (one with vacuum).

Through-Hole Assembly

We have lead-free inert-atmosphere selective soldering capabilities and a team of manual soldering technicians with years of experience.


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray facilities validate boards to prevent defects. We will also validate boards built by third parties.

Final Assembly & Testing

We can perform final automated production programming & testing, assembly, final assembly,  assembled unit testing, and production labelling.


We can hold your products and ship them directly to distributors, if we performed all other manufacturing work.

Delivering small- to large-batch production runs in record time.

That’s what we do best.

We specialise in offering a quick turn-around time for clients that need their products now. We also offer high-volume manufacturing for clients with predictable schedules.

Need more technical details?

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